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A New Generation of Digital Content

The 3D animation fad is rapidly spreading! Not only is it used in movies, digital marketing materials are steering towards that direction too – ad campaigns, branding, product launches and demos, educational tutorials, you name it! So, what triggered the 3D animation trend to pick up so quickly?

Also known as CGI, 3D animation uses illustrated images to create animated frames. How is it different from regular 2D animation or other types of graphics? One word – realistic. 3D animation delivers a more intense result with more depth, which is the secret weapon to making graphics look more life-like.

To produce an attractive 3D animation, the animator usually starts off with just one image and slowly combines an arrangement of still images with different emotions or gestures. The outcome of this entire process produces a unique deception of motion through a three dimensional space.

Advantages of 3D Animation

3D animation, like a true friend, has your back when it comes to making a good and lasting impression. What are the advantages of adopting 3D animation to your digital marketing materials?

Showcases USPs Very Clearly

There isn’t any other means of communication that can contest with the strength of 3D animation. It even made its way to the ‘most wanted’ list of creative materials that effectively showcases a product’s or services’ unique selling points.

Saves Time Efficiently

Words may do its job to feed people with facts but 3D animation presents even more information in a lesser time. Yes, developing 3D animation requires more time than typing everything word for word but it’s the customers’ lasting impression and memory that matters.

Increases Online Presence

With numerous online streaming video sites sprouting out like mushrooms, you can be sure that your brand is reaching out to more people thanks to the opportunity of having an online presence. If you have a 3D animation video, put it up on multiple channels which can result in increased traffic directed to your website, possibly acquiring more leads to your brand.

Longer Connection with Customers

Generally, motion helps people understand and remember better. To keep your customers engaged, add on special and interesting animation effects so that they’ll stay and pay attention to your animation for a longer period of time and retain key points in their memory. They’ll be able to associate your brand with whatever they’ve digested by watching the 3D animation.

Keeping Up with Technology

It’s important that your customers are aware of how updated you are with the latest technologies. When you adopt 3D animation into your website or on other social media platforms, you’re letting customers know that you’re tech savvy and technologically inclined.

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If everyone is doing it, it must be making some kind of impact, right? Here are reasons why 3D animation plays an important role.

Nobody has time to absorb big chunks of text. 3D animation is a great way to visualise products or services as it is easier to understand. With attention spans reducing by the second, people would rather watch a video that runs for less than 30 seconds instead of taking more than a minute to read pieces of information.

Animated clips have proven to be rather successful because it gives the target audience a pleasant entertainment experience. To achieve that, animators can play around and experiment with new concepts, bringing innovative ideas to the market.

3D animation instantly injects a competitive edge to brands because it radiates creativity and uniqueness, as compared to a stagnant image.

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